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Top Benefits of Using a Table Fan

Top Benefits of Using a Table Fan

Summer is knocking at the door. Don’t you have budget of buying an air conditioner or air cooler? Why not increase the number of fans? If you don’t have any space for another ceiling fan, go for table fan. It is true that in this era of air conditioners, people don’t think of these fans. But if you know the advantages of these fans, you may want to buy one. Here are some benefits of table fans which definitely keep those going still in market-


This is one of the most important benefits of table fan. There are places where you can’t mount a ceiling fan, like kitchen. But, cooking in front of the gas oven for hours is difficult at summer days. You can place the table fan inside kitchen in a way that you get the air but your gas oven won’t be put out by it.

Electrical Extension Cord-

While buying this fan, don’t forget to buy an electrical extension cord. This will help you to run the fan at areas where no plug point is there like garden, roof tops, balconies, etc. This cannot be done with ceiling fan or air conditioners.

Oscillation Features-

Now, what is this? It is those features of table fan which enable its blade to rotate at 180 degrees in different direction. If you have a small get together at your house, this fan can equally circulate air throughout the room. Another important advantage of this feature is you can control this mode whenever required. By turning on the switch to regular mode, you can get air at one direction.

Remote Control Facilities-

Don’t think that table fans are story of last decades. Today, technology has made the fans more advanced. Now, these fans come with remote control. So, you can change the speed and mode of the fan from anywhere of your room.


These fans are available at various colors and size which will suite your requirement. Some of the fans come with expandable heights so that you can adjust those as per your need.

Less Energy Consumption-

Are you tired of paying the large electric bills at every month? If you buy this fan, energy consumption will be lesser than ceiling fans and air conditioner. An air conditioner consumes 900 watts whereas a standard table fan only consumes 50 to 100 watts.

Ventilate Your Room-

These fans are wonderful to remove unwanted fumes from indoor areas and ventilate your room. Just keep the windows of your room open and all odors, fumes will be blown outside your room.

Doesn’t Contribute in Global Warming-

In larger arena, the table fans don’t contribute that much to rise the global temperature, like the air conditioner units. There is no doubt that the air conditioners are more capable to cool your house, office and cars than table fans, but it is making the world hotter. Table fans are not that much harmful to the environment.

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